Medical services

Passionate about her work, Dr Athanasia Papathanasiou takes a holistic approach to her patients’ health. Care is based on the four key aspects of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and personalised long-term follow-up, including: 

– Taking a holistic approach to each and every patient 

– Carrying out routine and specific checks-ups

– Encouraging cooperation to offer rapid effective targeted care to

patients (working closely with other specialists as necessary)

– Coordinating medical care with services from allied health professionals,

as part of a personalised treatment programme.

Please note that all the general medical examinations and treatments in ambulatory care are covered by basic health insurance in accordance with the tariffs applicable throughout Switzerland. All types of insurance are welcome. 

General medical services:

- Emergency calls

- General health checks

- Preoperative check-ups

- Routine annual or periodic health assessments 

- Blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), and any necessary additional investigations

- Supportive treatment after illness or surgery

- Preventive screening

The practice is open six days a week.

Dr Athanasia Papathanasiou speaks fluent English, French, and Greek.